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    Treasure Hunt or Hide and Seek ?

    To give you an idea : Le Flourou is at the centre of the universe. Moving outwards, around us is the village of Monêtier-les-bains with the Guisane river flowing through the valley and the slopes of Serre-Chevalier ski resort on the north side.

    Going a little further afield, you come to Briançon, with its fortress and old town. You will find all of that in the top left-hand corner of a region that is not at all, and I mean not at all, Savoyard. Because, well, before those Savoie guys became Frenchies, WE had the highest mountains in France, oh yes! The Barre des Ecrins stands at 4102m high and there is snow in the Southern French Alps, yes sir!

    If you go a little further afield, you come to Gap, main administrative city of the region?!? Yes, we all know that Gap in English means a hole, but it’s the big city round here, and if you go much further, you get to cities like Marseille, Torino (Italy), Lyon, Grenoble.

    Oops! Nearly forgot Paris! So off the beaten track, all those towns, hardly worth mentioning. Ok, so after that, it’s not that I think the earth is flat and we fall off the edge, but I think that is what they call “abroad”. A bit Scary, but we’re not easily frightened. So we speak English, Italian, German, use our hands, and generally get by.

    Finally, if you have any doubts, there’s always Google maps. You just have to type in “Le Flourou” or “Le Monetier les Bains” works too. So long, a presto, bis bald!