The Gite

Our big home or the smaller Millhouse

30 years of good and loyal service. That’s how long Le Flourou has been offering bed and board. It seems like it was only yesterday this idea came to us to welcome you all with open arms. But be warned! You will find a warm welcome here ….but your hosts will surprise you a little, so don’t be taken aback once the door has opened, a handshake, a first name and you will be asked to take off your lovely shoes and…? What will you do? Shocked? Speechless?

You will soon understand that these people welcoming you , when not slaving over a hot stove, to cook up a good meal, take it in turns to play Cinderella of the Alps, Cosette of the slopes, and when they are not cooking, they sweep, polish, and generally put a shine to stairs, parquet, and what once were politely known as the conveniences!

So, now let’s talk about the food. Because as you will find, Le Flourou has always chosen, without making a song and dance about it, to use top-quality, locally-sourced ingredients – organic and fresh vegetables. Everything is home-made, so ‘scout’s honour’ you will not find tomatoes or courgettes in winter, nor oranges in the summer! But now, sit back and relax, you’re on holiday! Everything will be just fine. There’s even a “wifi” code, but you can also stay dis-connected and speak to each other live….and sorry, there’s no telly. Games, comic books ….will you stand it ?

All that’s left is to set off in wintertime, skis waxed and ready, or take the path that opens at your feet.